Prishtina Travel] – Language in Pristina

The primary language you will hear in the road is Albanian. Nonetheless, most people from Prishtina, particularly the youth speaks at the very least somewhat English so talking English, it is possible to get by. Navigating around the town is simple and individuals are normally receptive to efforts to communicate in broken Albanian and English. It is really worth having a stab at Spanish, German or Italian that are spoken by men and women who pick them up by way of satellite Television broadcasts, worldwide travellers or each.

[Prishtina Travel] – Crime & Safety in Pristina

The well-being of honoured guests (you) is a major source of concern and pride for the locals, and rather than being mugged, you’re more likely to be overwhelmed with hospitality. Despite the locals’ friendly attitude, it is important to stay alert for petty crime such as bag-snatching and hotel room or house burglaries. Lock up your valuables inside the safe or leave them at home, and don’t wander around unlit alleys at night. Pedestrians should be aware of holes in or bits of metal sticking out with the pavement, missing sewer lids and surprisingly deep puddlers.

[Prishtina Travel] – Electricity in Pristina

Electrical current is 220 Volts and is distributed by Kosovo’s KEK electricity company through standard European plugs.

[Prishtina Travel] – Money in Pristina

The euro (€, divided in 100 cents) is the official currency of Kosovo, Euro banknotes come in denominations of €5, €10, €20, €50, €100, €200 and €500,. The coins, whose design depends on in which country they were minted in, come in denominations of €0.01, €0.02, €0.05, €0.10, €0.20, €0.50, €1 and €2. Cash is king in Kosovo, though an increasing number of shops and restaurants is getting Visa and Mastercard POS. Although you are able to change money in banks and exchange offices, ATMs are truly the best way to get cash.

[Prishtina Travel] – Smoking in Pristina

Smoking is forbidden in all public institutions, educational institutions and healthcare institutions unless there’s a designated smoking area. Most bars and cafés have some kind of non-smoking area. And since early 2011, authorities are actually enforcing the law.

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